Exorde’s API enables you to ingest our data for a multitude of use cases, including analyzing disinformation, measuring sentiment toward events, people or brands, and predicting real-world financial market trends.

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Analyse public social media and news

Want to get the Bitcoin social sentiment? Compare love and fear for Joe Biden and Donald Trump? Study Russian Disinformation around Ukraine? Or track post volume about Apple and Microsoft?

With Exorde API, you can now integrate a full set of social analytics into your product or your tools.


"Is love the most expressed emotion about Bitcoin now?"

Get the breakdown of 27 emotions (love, anger, joy, approval, desire, ...).


"Who get the most positive sentiment between Joe Biden and Donald Trump?"

Get the global sentiment of a topic from -1 (most negative) to 1 (most positive).


"What's the number of posts related to Elon Musk posted on X this week?"

Get the volume of posts related to a topic or a category.


"Which articles and reddit posts talk about Gamestop today?"

Get all the posts url and their social analytics.

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We provide 1000 free credits when you register to let you play with the Exorde API.

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• 1-month historical data

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Exorde API is designed to be easy to use and integrate. You can start using it in minutes with our documentation and you can always reach out to us if you need help.

Below you'll find a guide to set up in less than 5 minutes a grafana dashboard to monitor 4k+ topics in real-time.

exorde dashboard
Setup your grafana dashboard

What our users are saying

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Jack O'Holleran

Co-founder and CEO at SKALE Labs

“Exorde’s data has been key in monitoring the Network's live reputation and sentiment which is key to understanding where SKALE stands within the web3 sphere. Exorde data and insights have proven instrumental in executing developer awareness, growth, and education strategies.”

Patrick Braund

Founder - The CryptoGarage

“Accurate, transparent, and easy-to-use Exorde Sentiment data feeds directly into hundreds of crypto project overviews to enable user research and assessment.”


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